Episode 11: Steal these features!

Hey everyone, today’s episode talks about MMORPGs, and what features that MUDs could stand to steal from them in order to modernize their gameplay experience. Ideally, that’d come with attracting more new MUDders as well.

  • MMORPGs are more popular than MUDs for a variety of reasons. Graphics, etc. But they also tend to have lower barrier to entry.
  • Where can MUDs learn from MMOs, and what features could MUDs look at lifting to improve the player experience?
    • Rest XP
    • Job system
    • Categorized inventory
    • death to trash! (loot should all matter, increase currency drops if players are supposed to sell trash drops)
    • copy config settings from 1 character to another
    • character level sync
    • true group based end-game (not having to be run by an admin)
    • quest log/journal like wow
    • easy item comparison
    • talent trees
    • custom channels
    • auction house
    • good housing system
    • alternative ways to level other than by killing mobs
    • procedurally generated areas that provide for content
    • game developed UI

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