Best answer: What does split column bet mean in Bet9ja?

What is split column bet in Bet9Ja?

Split column bet. a bet on 3 or more selections if at least 2 selections are made from the same event. To get the return, at least 1 selection from each event must be correct. The more selections that are correct then the higher your return.

What does split bet mean?

Split bet means a one-roll wager that is placed on the line or area between two proposition bets. One half of the split bet is being bet on each side. Both bets will be left up and a net payoff is made to the player.

How does Bet9Ja split work?

Bet system on Bet9ja

You simply choose one event and one outcome, and then make your bet. Second option is a multiple bet. Basically, it is just a collection of single bets. That way, if one of your bets in your slip does not pull through but the rest win, you will not go home empty-handed.

How do you play split bets?

For instance, a split bet might be “over 2 / 2.5.” This means half the money you pay is on a bet that assumes the total goal difference between the two teams will be over two goals, and the other half of your money is bet on an outcome in which the difference between the two goal totals is greater than 2.5.

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What is the meaning of 4 folds in bet9ja?

The term ‘four-fold bet’, in straightforward terms, is a single bet made up of four selections. The four-fold term refers to the number of selections included in the bet and is also the first point where we refer to a multiple bet (a bet containing more than one selection) as an Accumulator or ‘Acca’.

How can I win Bet9Ja everyday?

Let’s look at the top 10 bet9ja winning tips.

  1. Be An Expert. This is by far one of the easiest ways to win any bet9ja games. …
  2. Bet On Home. …
  3. Use Other Pointers. …
  4. Bet On Goals. …
  5. Don’t Depend On Prediction Sites. …
  6. Get A Mentor. …
  7. Don’t Bet With Emotions. …
  8. Pick Your Battles.

What is the maximum payout for Bet9Ja?

The maximum payout for Bet9Ja on any given day will not exceed ₦10,000,000,000. If the cumulative payout on all Bet9Ja tickets on any given day exceeds this figure, winnings on each ticket will be adjusted accordingly.

What does single bet mean?

A single bet is one in which you are betting on a single outcome of an event and is perhaps the easiest type of bet to understand for punters. Punters place a bet on a market such as a horse to win a race or a football team to win a match and if the selection wins, the bookie will pay out the winnings.

What is the meaning of trebles in bet9ja?

A treble bet is where you make three single outright selections, often known as legs, which are combined into one multiple bet. The treble bet needs all three of the separate selections to be successful for your bet to win.

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What is 2hh in bet9ja?

There are 2 possible outcomes: 1 HH (the first player wins), 2 HH (the second player wins). If a player retires before the completion of the first two sets this bet typology will be considered void.