Can I bring a purse to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre?

Are purses allowed at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater?

For extra convenience and quick entry – try the new “NO BAGS Search Line.” No backpacks, purses, coolers, blankets or lawn chairs means a quick and convenient entry to the venue. Look for the signs at the venue! Small personal cameras that fit in your pocket are allowed.

What time do the gates open at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre?

Gates typically open anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours prior to showtime at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

Can you tailgate at Tinley Park Amphitheatre?

Not at this venue.

What can you take into Hollywood Casino Amphitheater?

over a year ago. Found this on their website: You are allowed to bring in food for personal consumption as long as it fits in a one gallon ziplock bag or a small (six-pack sized) collapsible soft-sided cooler. (No hard coolers of any kind are allowed).

What can you bring into Hollywood Casino?

Blankets, Small umbrellas with no metal tips, strollers and baby carriers are allowed. Weapons, alcohol, controlled substances, glass, metal, cans, soft drinks, fireworks, frisbees, laser pens, pets, banners with sticks are not allowed into the venue.

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Can you bring a blanket to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre?

Fans will not be able to bring in lawn chairs.

Blankets are still permitted on the lawn but will be subject to search.

How much is parking at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater St Louis?

Premier Parking is available for an additional charge of $30.00. Limo parking is also available for an additional $50.00, and any oversized vehicles such as tractors, RV’s and trailers are charged at an additional $100.00.

What time do shows end at Hollywood Amphitheater?

Probably around 10p. But, the traffic leaving is where you will lose time. Be sure to park so you can pull out.

What are the best seats at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater?

Best Seats For End-Stage Concerts

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in 102, 103, 104 and 204 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance. Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines.