Did anyone win the Mississippi Powerball?

Where was the winning lottery ticket sold in Mississippi?

spokesperson Meg Annison said Wednesday. The winner successfully matched the winning numbers — 4-11-21-23-31 — in last Thursday’s Match 5 drawing when she bought the ticket at the Express Way 2 Marathon store at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Anna Drive in McComb.

Did anyone win Mississippi Mega Millions?

“Last night’s $1 million Mega Millions winner is the second millionaire to win playing Mega Millions in Mississippi,” said Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) President Tom Shaheen. “A Gautier woman won $2 million for the June 9, 2020, Mega Millions drawing. This is really exciting for Mississippi.

Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Mississippi?

Is it possible to win the Lottery and remain anonymous? – In accordance with the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law, the Mississippi Lottery will not disclose the identity of the person holding a winning lottery ticket without that person’s written permission.

What State won the Mega Millions last night?

A lucky ticket holder in New York won the big Mega Millions® jackpot Tuesday night!

Are 2 numbers worth anything in Mega Millions?

Yes, if you match two Mega Millions numbers during the drawing, this means that you will walk away with some money, but you won’t win the jackpot. However, you will only win some money if you matched a yellow ball and a white ball. Matching two white balls won’t get you any winnings.

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