How do I watch the Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion?

Can I watch Cash Explosion online?

Just visit the Cash Explosion website,, and click the “Watch Live” button on the front page.

What TV channel is Cash Explosion on?

Cash Explosion

Cash Explosion (Double Play)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company Mills James Productions
Original network Regionally syndicated throughout Ohio

What TV channel is the Ohio Lottery on?

WCPO 9 is proud to be the official carrier of Ohio Lottery programming. Live Ohio Lottery drawings can be seen nightly on WCPO-TV at 7:29pm. The Ohio Lottery Commission was created in May 1973 by a voter-approved constitutional amendment.

How do I stream Cash Explosion?

Watch the Latest Shows

You can find all our latest shows on YouTube! Just go to Ohio Lottery’s YouTube channel, find our Cash Explosion Shows playlist and start watching!

How do I get on Cash Explosion?

All you have to do to be eligible as a contestant on the show is purchase a Cash Explosion ticket at your local Ohio Lottery Retailer, find ENTRY three times on the ticket and enter it online at or send it in the physical mail to the P.O. Box above.

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What time and channel is the Ohio Lottery on?

Drawings are held at 11:00pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Pools close at 10:45pm. Mega Millions drawings are broadcast on cable channel WGN or can be viewed on the Official Mega Millions website. Winning numbers will be displayed here after the drawings.

What’s the most someone has won on Cash Explosion?

Cash Explosion Show’s top winner of $520,000 remains low-key and even-keeled. Terri Waddell, who won $520,000 on the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion Show, is joined by her daughter after a win. CLEVELAND, Ohio – Terri Waddell’s Cash Explosion fleece jacket is the only visible indication she won $520,000 on the game show.

Which Ohio lottery drawing is tonight?

Schedule for All Draw Games

Game Pool Closing Drawing Days
Mega Millions 10:45 PM Tuesday and Friday
Powerball 10:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Lucky For Life 9:30 PM Daily
Classic Lotto 7:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

What channel is the lottery on tonight Mega Millions?

The winning numbers from the last drawing on May 18 were 3, 5, 56, 61 and 66, plus the gold Mega Ball 4. You can watch the Mega Millions drawing LIVE on WSB-TV every Tuesday and Friday night at 11 p.m., followed by WSB Tonight. Two Mega Millions jackpots have been won to date in 2021.