How do you play the dice game 4 2 1?

How do you play the dice game 1 4 24?

If they have a 1 and 4, the other dice are totaled to give the player’s score. The maximum score is 24 (four 6s.) The procedure is repeated for the remaining players. The player with the highest four-dice total wins.

How do you play the dice game 7 14 21?

Then there’s the hardcore 7-14-21. Only dice that come up as “one” are counted. The player who rolls the seventh “one” names the drink; the player who rolls the 14th downs the drink; and the 21st buys the drink.

What game is played with 5 dice?

Bones is a dice game in which players take turns rolling five dice in an attempt to score points. The first player to score 10,000 points is declared the winner.

What are the rules for 6 dice?

Scoring in six dice can seem complex but there are really only a few specific rules. Each rolled one is worth 100 points while each rolled five is worth 50. Three ones are worth a quick 1,000 points. Three of any other kind takes the dice value and multiples it by 100.

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