How does a forecast bet work?

How do you work out a forecast bet?

Select the forecast tab from the markets at the top of the racecard. Pick the horses you think will finish first and second. Add the forecast to your betslip if it hasn’t been added automatically. Choose your stake and place the forecast bet.

Do you get your stake back on a forecast bet?

While in a straight forecast bet you have to correctly predict the participants finishing first and second in the exact order they finish, in a reverse forecast bet your two selections can finish either first or second and you still win. The stake in a reversed forecast bet is double that of a regular bet.

How is a horse forecast calculated?

For horse and greyhound racing, some betting sites won’t offer a fixed price on the reverse forecast before the race. Instead they use a computer calculation called the Computer Straight Forecast (CSF) to work out your payout based upon the number of runners and their starting prices (SP).

What is a combination forecast bet and how does it work?

A combination forecast bet allows the bettor to select between three and six participants in a race and state that any combination of these participants will finish in the top two. For example, a bettor may wish to place a combination forecast bet on three selections. This means that there are six bets being placed.

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How do you calculate a forecast?

The formula is: sales forecast = estimated amount of customers x average value of customer purchases.

How are forecast dividends calculated?

To forecast dividends per share. Simply take a company’s current annual dividend payment. And multiply it by an estimated dividend growth rate.

How does a straight forecast bet work?

A straight forecast bet is a betting scenario in which you select two participants in a single sporting event and state the specific order in which they will finish, first and second. This kind of bet is popular in race-based sports, such as horse racing, greyhound racing, cycling and motorsports.

How do you do a reverse forecast bet?

A reverse forecast bet can be placed one of two ways:

  1. Select one Horse or Greyhound by clicking a ‘1st’ box next to the selection name you choose to bet on (under the Forecast heading). …
  2. Select one Horse or Greyhound by clicking the ‘Any’ box next to the selection name you choose to bet on (under the Forecast heading).

What’s the difference between forecast and exacta?

As nouns the difference between exacta and forecast

is that exacta is a bet in which the bettor must correctly pick the two runners who finish first and second, in the correct order while forecast is an estimation of a future condition.

How many horses are needed for a forecast?

A Forecast is a bet where you select the first two horses (or dogs) home in the correct order. currency you have staked. A forecast return is therefore usually in decimal odds as the dividend includes the stake.

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How are forecasts and Tricasts calculated?

With forecasts, you simply take the number of horses you wish to select (‘selections’) and multiply it by one less than the number of selections. With tricasts, multiply the number of selections by one less than the number of selections, and then multiply that by one less than the previous figure.

How do you calculate forecast doubles?

The number of RFC doubles can be calculated by multiplying the number of doubles in the total number of races by 4. The number of RFC trebles can be calculated by multiplying the number of trebles in the total number of races by 8.