How does DICE Waiting List work?

How does the waiting list work on DICE?

DICE has implemented a wait-list technology, which helps fans who were unable to snag tickets during the initial on sale. If a fan can’t attend a show after purchasing tickets, they can request a full refund from DICE, therefore allowing their ticket to go on sale for the next person in line.

What does waiting list mean on DICE?

WAITING LIST / TICKET RETURNS. 1. When an event sells out, the Waiting List is activated and people can start signing up. … If a ticket holder can’t attend an event, they can easily put their tickets up for sale on DICE once the event sells out.

What does release Queue mean on DICE show game?

General Info: Queues and Release Processing

A release queue (also queue) is a holding area for Distributed Proofreaders projects to be released into the rounds for proofing or formatting. … After that, Automodify examines the round’s queues in order, looking for the next queue which is enabled for processing.

How does the DICE app work?

Head to your Tickets tab in-app, and you’ll see a list of all your upcoming events. Tap on any of them to see your ticket. In order to combat touting/scalping, the QR code that gets you into the show won’t appear until two hours before the event.

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How long is the waiting list dice?

If a ticket holder can’t attend the show, they can easily return their tickets to DICE. 3. Those tickets are then offered to the first person on the Waiting List – so make sure your notifications are turned on and you have the app downloaded, as you’ll only have between 20 to 60 mins to snap them up using the DICE app.

How do I contact dice?

Please use the following form to contact Dice. You can also call toll free, 888-321-3423(DICE), if you prefer.

Can you screenshot Dice tickets?

You won’t be able to transfer your tickets for this event and screenshots are not accepted.

What does in queue mean on a game?

When a game is “queued”, this means that it is waiting in line to be downloaded. … If a game appears to be stuck in “queued” status, you will want to hit the X beside the game title where it says it’s “queued”, clear cookies, and then try the download once more.

How long does it take to get paid from magic dice?

There are, literally, millions of apps available in the Google Play Store. Google tries to find the bad ones and remove them but they can’t catch them all. There is nothing wrong with the game for payment, although cashing out takes up to 2 weeks (not 3 days).