How much does the CEO of the National Lottery get paid?

What does the CEO of Camelot earn?

Meanwhile, Camelot has appointed Adam Crozier, chief executive of Royal Mail Group, which owns a 20% stake in the lottery operator, to its remuneration committee. The appointment is being vetted by the National Lottery Commission. He was paid £2.7m last year, making him the highest paid public servant in the UK.

How much does the director of the lottery make?

Salaries of Lottery Directors

State Salary
California $133,732
Kansas $133, 250
Pennsylvania $131,015
Michigan $129,842

How much is Camelot worth?

Camelot Group

Camelot Head Office in Watford
Products National Lottery Illinois State Lottery
Revenue £5.5 Billion GBP
Operating income £47.2 Million GBP
Net income £32.4 Million GBP

Who owns the National Lottery 2020?

DCMS is the government department responsible for The National Lottery. The Gambling Commission is sponsored by DCMS, and is responsible for licensing and regulating The National Lottery. Each of these has specialist knowledge of its sector and decides which beneficiaries should receive National Lottery funding.

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