Is Casino Royale a good book?

What age are James Bond books suitable for?

Young Bond Covering similar ground to Alex Rider, Charlie Higson’s books – suitable for ages 10 and over — act as a compelling prequel to Ian Fleming’s Bond series: here, we meet Bond as a 13-year-old at Eton in the 1930s.

How does Casino Royale book end?

Bond ultimately wins and bankrupts Le Chiffre, earning a sum of 40,000 Francs. After his win Bond takes Vesper out for a drink.

Is Casino Royale 1967 a real Bond movie?

Casino Royale is a 1967 spy parody comedy film originally distributed by Columbia Pictures featuring an ensemble cast. It is loosely based on the 1953 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming, the first novel to feature the character James Bond.

Casino Royale (1967 film)

Casino Royale
Produced by Charles K. Feldman Jerry Bresler

Is Casino Royale an origin story?

Casino is more than a reboot: It’s also a kind of origin story, based on the first Ian Fleming novel. As such, it’s the story of how James Bond lost his soul, or whatever was left of it, at the very moment when he dared to hope for redemption.

How many words are in the book Casino Royale?

It’s also easy to forget that many classics didn’t subscribe to the ‘big is best’ theory. A Clockwork Orange was approximately 59,000 words long, while Ian Fleming’s debut Bond novel, Casino Royale, came in at 44k.

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What age is Flat Stanley suitable for?

Flat Stanley Adventure Series 8 Books Collection – Age 7-9 – Paperback – Jeff Brown.