Is gambling legal in Finland?

Is gambling allowed in Finland?

Finland has a state-controlled monopoly on all forms of gambling: both offline and online. Three different entities are each responsible for a specific form of gaming in the country. These entities also operate the only officially sanctioned gambling sites in Finland.

Is online gambling illegal in Finland?

Finland lacks tighter regulations regarding online gambling, thanks to the European Union. The Finnish law is only applicable to their country, and this means that they cannot prohibit foreign gambling sites from accepting players from anywhere in the world. Their legislation can only control advertising and marketing.

How many casinos are in Finland?

The largely autonomous Åland Islands region hosts two licensed operators, Paf and Veikkaus. Paf has a monopoly on entertainment and gaming operations, including casinos in Åland.


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Is poker legal in Finland?

Playing poker is legal in Finland, provided you stick to the establishments licensed by RAY on the mainland and by PAF on the Åland Islands.

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