Question: How do you unlock missions in Diamond casino story?

Why am I not getting any missions in GTA 5?

In some cases, missions will only appear after a certain amount of in-game time, so also try doing other activities for a while. Some missions are triggered by phone calls and those might not arrive when you are in certain locations, so be sure to not stay in the same spot if you are waiting for a call.

How do you activate the casino heist?

Before you decide on the best Arcade to buy in GTA Online, then you’ll need to meet Lester in Mirror Park. This will setup the Diamond Casino Heist, and he’ll begin texting you about Arcades that you can purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures, using the Internet app on your smartphone.

How do I access Ms Baker missions?

Once you have a penthouse, use the elevator to go upstairs and visit. Once you are in your penthouse a brief cut-scene will play where you meet Ms Baker and a few other characters. After the cut-scene, you must wait for a call from Ms Baker. This can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

Why can’t I do casino missions?

Fix 1: Can’t Start First Casino Mission. … Baker for your first casino mission, but it freezes, first try to simply restart the mission. However, if that doesn’t work, there is another solution from Rockstar Games that could help solve the problem. It involves clearing your cache of corrupted game files.

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How do you do casino missions again?

Equally, if you just want to get on with the missions and are not bothered with the car right now, you can just play through the missions and then replay them as the host by selecting them from the Rockstar jobs menu.

How do you get the casino to work in GTA?

This mission can only be triggered after certain prerequisites have been met: all casino story missions must be completed, ten real-world hours must have gone by after having started another Casino Work mission, the player must be a CEO/VIP or a MC President, the player must be inside the casino, Master Penthouse, or …

How do I find my next mission on GTA 5?

1 Answer. Just follow the symbols on the map. If it’s Franklin’s mission is has a green F symbol. Michael’s have blue M symbols while Trevor’s missions use a red T symbol.