Quick Answer: What will happen to the banker if the lawyer wins the bet?

What does the lawyer do the day before he wins the bet with the banker?

After much inner turmoil, the banker decides to kill the lawyer before the end of the bet to keep from having to pay the loan. He sneaks into the guest house. Just before killing him, the banker discovers a note that the lawyer has written.

How does the lawyer’s letter affect the banker in the bet?

Expert Answers

When the banker reads the lawyer’s letter, he is immediately overcome with relief and this is shown through his first physical reaction in which he “kisses the man on the head,” a sign of immense gratitude.

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What does the banker decide to do to stop the lawyer from winning?

The banker decides to end the BR by killing the lawyer. As he goes to see the lawyer he finds and reads a letter written by him. The banker doesn’t kill the lawyer because the lawyer leaves early and ends the bet. Summarize the story in 5 sentences.

What bet does the lawyer take from the banker?

They agreed to a bet: if the lawyer could spend fifteen years in total isolation, the banker would pay him two million rubles. The lawyer would have no direct contact with any other person, but could write notes to communicate with the outside world and receive whatever comforts he desired.

What does the banker do on the night the lawyer is to be released?

Succumbing to the power of greed, the banker resolves to kill the lawyer to avoid losing his fortune, but changes his mind after finding a letter written by the lawyer where he renounces “the stuff of the earth” and declares he will break the terms of the bet.

What happens to the lawyer at the end of the story in the bet?

At the end of Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet”, the lawyer survives the 15 years in prison but refuses to take the money.

How does the lawyer’s 15 year imprisonment affect the banker the bet?

How does the lawyer’s 15-year imprisonment affect the banker? … The banker comes to realize that he was wrong about his stance on life imprisonment. The banker mourns the life and experiences that he has deprived the lawyer of. The banker regrets placing the bet and thinks it was a stupid idea in the first place.

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What decision does the lawyer announce in a letter and why in the bet?

What decision does the lawyer announce in a letter and why in the bet? The lawyer writes this letter on the night before he is due to win the bet and win back his freedom.

Why does the banker put the letter in the safe in the bet?

To avoid arousing suspicion (that the banker might have killed or banished the lawyer), the banker keeps the lawyer’s letter in a fireproof box. Therefore, he would always have proof that the lawyer renounced the two million and voluntarily escaped from the lodge.

How does the lawyer provoke the banker’s decision to place the bet quizlet?

The lawyer provoked the banker’s decision to place the bet by proposing that he will remain in solitary confinement even longer than the banker suggests. The Banker places the bet on the confidence that capital punishment kills a person but lifetime imprisonment is worse than death.

How does the banker change in the bet?

The banker’s financial situation has changed drastically in the fifteen years since he first made the extravagant bet with the lawyer. … Worried about his possible ruin, the banker considers murdering the lawyer and letting the watchman be blamed so that he can save himself from bankruptcy.

Why does the banker want out of the bet?

In Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet,” the banker wants out of the bet because his financial situation has changed drastically over the fifteen years. He no longer has the money to spare and believes that if he is forced to pay the lawyer, he will thus be financially ruined.

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