What are the getaway vehicles for the casino heist?

What car is on the podium during the casino heist?

GTA Online’s weekly update is out and with that, the casino has a new Podium car. The Podium vehicle that players can win this week is the Nagasaki Outlaw. Rockstar Games refreshes the Podium Car every week, and this week, it’s an exposed UTV called the Nagasaki Outlaw.

Which vehicle is suitable for getaway in GTA 5?

The Pegassi Toreador tops the list of the best getaway cars in GTA 5 because although it has an amazing top speed, the speed booster increases its speed even further.

What getaway vehicle is the jugular on the casino heist?

Returning to Grand Theft Auto Online, the Jugular assumes a totally different design, based on the Jaguar XE SV Project 8.

What is the podium car in GTA right now?

The Progen PR4: Now on the Podium at The Diamond Casino & Resort – Rockstar Games.

What is the best getaway vehicle for the casino heist?

Full Getaway Vehicle/Driver List (Diamond Casino Heist)

  • Chester Mccoy (10%) Zhaba – 1.8M (Warstock) …
  • Eddie Toh (9%) Karin Sultan Classic – 1.28M (Southern San Andreas) …
  • Taliana Martinez (7%) Vapid Retinue MK II – 1.21M (Southern San Andreas) …
  • Zach Nelson (6%) Maibatus Manchez – 50K (Southern San Andreas) …
  • Karim Denz (5%)
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Which driver has the ocelot jugular?

You need to do the Diamond Casino Heist and select your driver to be Taliana Martinez (I believe she offers the Jugular as a getaway car). You need to select the mission to steal it (not the other 3) so it will be used for the heist finale.

Is Sugoi or jugular better?

Side-by-Side Comparison between the Ocelot Jugular and Dinka Sugoi GTA V Vehicles.

Jugular vs Sugoi – GTA V & GTA Online Vehicles Comparison.

Jugular Sugoi
Jugular Sugoi
Speed 84.51% 83.70%
Acceleration 94.50% 77.50%
Braking 36.67% 28.33%