What critical approach is the lottery?

What literary theory is in The Lottery?

Marxist Theory

Elements of socialism, classism, and capitalism can be found in “The Lottery”. In the story, Mr. Summers was the main proprietor of the lottery, “it was then taken to the safe of Mr. Summers’ coal company and locked up until Mr.

What is the main argument of The Lottery?

In the short story The Lottery, Shirley Jackson argues that all people, regardless of how civilized they may seem, are capable of great evil by contrasting seemingly pleasant and relatable details of the town with the shocking barbarity of their tradition.

What techniques are used in The Lottery?

The three techniques she used that were most prominent are symbolism, irony, and diction. Symbolism is very important to the story, because Jackson uses it to help express the situation in different ways.

What is The Lottery critiquing?

“The Lottery” was controversial because it critiqued blind conformity to tradition. It was written when American nationalism was rising in response to growing fears of communism. Many readers were thus upset with Jackson’s negative portrayal of conformity, which they interpreted as a critique of patriotism.

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What are the 5 literary theories?

What are the 5 literary theories?

  • What Is Literary Theory?
  • Traditional Literary Criticism.
  • Formalism and New Criticism.
  • Marxism and Critical Theory.
  • Structuralism and Poststructuralism.
  • New Historicism and Cultural Materialism.
  • Ethnic Studies and Postcolonial Criticism.
  • Gender Studies and Queer Theory.

How does Marxist theory apply to literature?

Marxist theory can be applied to literature by analyzing the social, economic and political elements such as class division, class struggle, and oppression.

What argument is Jackson making in The Lottery?

In this light, Jackson seems to be arguing that there should be some type of individual entitlements that can supersede the general will in the event it is wrong. The “tradition” of the people in the village is an exercise in brutality.

What is the thesis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?

You could write the following as a thesis: Shirley Jackson shows in “The Lottery” that clinging to outmoded traditions is both destructive and difficult to change. You would then collect quotes and details from the story that back up both claims. You want to be sure that your support is both sufficient and relevant.

What literary techniques does Jackson employ to help convey that warning to readers?

Jackson uses foreshadowing to hint at the shocking ending by revealing the characters’ increasing nervousness as the event draws near. Jackson also uses symbolism to reveal the theme of the text.

What is an example of hyperbole in The Lottery?

“All right, folks,” Mr. Summers said, “Let’s finish quickly.” These examples exaggerate the seemingly simplicity of the annual ritual. … But, it is the hyperbole, the exaggeration of this simplicity is what shocks the reader at the end.

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