What happened to blackjack’s face?

What happened to Black Jack’s face?

During this ordeal, Black Jack’s friend Takashi (who is half-African) donated some of his skin for a dermal graft, resulting in him having different skin tones for half of his face, which Black Jack later refused to have color-matched out of respect for his friend.

What happens to Frank in Outlander?

Finally, after pining his whole life for a wife who chose someone else over him, Frank died tragically in a car accident. Frank had a showdown that had been a long time brewing with Claire regarding divorce, following which Brianna fought with him over leaving the States, as mentioned earlier.

Is Black Jack anime worth watching?

In the end, I’d say worth a watch for both fans and those new to Black Jack. This was a recommendation since my friend loved Blackjack, I’ve seen some of the other and I really liked this one. It gave a nice story to what had happened to him and his life prior being where he is.

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