What is DraftKings free bet?

How does DraftKings 500 free bet work?

How does DraftKings deposit bonus work? In addition to the risk-free bet, you will receive a bonus of 20% of the value of your first bet, up to a value of $500. For example, if you deposit and wager $100 for your first bet, you’ll receive $20 in free bets to use for another wager.

What is a free live bet DraftKings?

How do I receive a Free Bet? DraftKings will advertise promotions or offers where Free Bets will be rewarded based on a specific activity or behavior that is undertaken.

What happens if you win a free bet?

You can think of a free bet as an opportunity to place a bet without risk, and get paid out the net winnings on the bet if it wins. The difference between a free bet and a regular bet is that you don’t contribute the stake yourself, so the stake won’t be refunded to you along with your winnings if the bet wins.

What is a free bet?

Free bets are given out by bookmakers to encourage loyalty and entice a punter’s custom. … These betting offers are predominantly a benefit of betting online through mobile, desktop and tablet, as opposed to in betting shops. It is important to note that winnings from a free bet will not include the stake.

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How does the DraftKings $1000 bonus work?

The deposit match is a 20% match up to $1,000 of bonus credits. This means that $1,000 deposited would result in $200 of bonus credits. You will need to deposit $5,000 to get the full $1,000 bonus. The $50 free will be awarded to your account following your initial deposit.

Does DraftKings give free money?

DraftKings DFS deposit match

To gain full access to the $500, you’d have to play through a total of $12,500. Any bonus funds aren’t eligible for immediate withdrawal, but any winnings are yours free and clear. Users have 90 days from signing up to clear the full amount of the bonus match.

What is a free live bet?

Live sports wagering is one of the most exciting betting options at legal US sportsbooks. A bettor can place bets in real time and follow the action on TV or online. … Sign up today and claim free bets or a deposit match bonus. Then choose your favorite in-game sports and beat the bookmakers.

How do you bet live games on DraftKings?


  1. Create an account online or download our app.
  2. Find the sport and outcome you want to bet on.
  3. Place a bet and follow your games to bet live in-play as the action unfolds.

How do you use DraftKings live?


  1. Simply log in to your DraftKings app.
  2. Navigate to the Casino.
  3. Choose the Live Dealer Category.
  4. Pick your table.
  5. Choose your seat.
  6. Get dealt in and play.
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Can you win money from free bets?

Free bets only need to be wagered once, but check the t&Cs of bonuses as you may have to wager them more than once before you can withdraw any winnings. Some bookmakers also offer risk-free bets, which work slightly differently. … But if your first bet wins, you won’t get the additional bet.

How do you benefit from free bets?

Close back and lay odds

As with all matched bets, the back and lay odds should be as close as possible. Simply put, the closer the odds, the more cash you’ll be able to make from your free bet. So, in a nutshell, free bets should be placed at odds that are high and as close as possible.

What happens if a free bet pushes?

Yes, you get bet back. If bet is $5, and potential winning is $5 (Because $10-5) at 2-1 odds, you would your wager back.