What is meant by a game of chance what lesson did the narrator learn from his experience at the fair?

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What trick did the shopkeeper play to make his customers to play the losing game?

What trick did the shopkeeper play to allure his customers to play the losing game? Answer: The shopkeeper was rewarding the persons who staked their money with costly prizes. The game was played with six numbered discs.

What tricks were played by the shopkeeper to make Rasheed believe that he was unlucky?

Answer: The shopkeeper played tricks to tempt to try his luck by making him believe that it was luck that got the old man and the boy their prizes but in reality they were friends of the shopkeeper.

How much did Rasheed pay to play the game in the lucky shop?

Seeing all that, Rasheed was fascinated and wanted to try his luck now. He looked at bhaiya and he also encouraged him. He also paid 50 paise and took 6 discs.

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Why did Rasheed keep trying his luck even after losing money?

The narrator Rasheed goes to the fair on the occasion of Eid. He is tempted to try his luck at a shop. He is too innocent to see through the shopkeeper’s trick. He loses all his little money in that game of chance.

What made Rasheed try his luck in the shop?

Question 3 : What did Rasheed get by trying his luck? Answer : Rasheed got two pencils and a bottle of ink. Every time, he tried his luck, he got a trifle.

What did Rasheed do at the Lucky shop?

What made Rasheed to try his luck in the shop? Rasheed saw an old man getting a beautiful clock worth 15 by trying his luck. A boy got a comb, a fountain-pen, a wrist watch and a table lamp after he tried his luck. Rasheed also wanted to get some big prizes.

How would you describe Rasheed’s bad luck?

3. How would you describe Rasheed’s ‘bad luck’? Ans: Rasheed was neither unlucky nor foolish. He was an innocent boy while the shopkeeper was a cheat.

How much should be pay to get chance to play in Lucky shop?

2. The shop was called Lucky Shop because the shopkeeper wanted everybody to try their luck. There were discs on the table with numbers from one to ten facing down. All one had to do was to pay 50 paise, pick up any six discs, add up the numbers on the discs and find the total.

How much did paise pay the old man?

How much paise paid the old man? Answer: 50.

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How did Rasheed lose all his money in lucky shop?

Rasheed was tempted to try his luck and win some big prize. He took several chances but won no expensive item. Thus he lost gill his money.