What is the average dealer hand in blackjack?

How many hands per hour should a blackjack dealer deal?

Typically you won’t get more than 4 shoes per hour, if it is hand shuffled, sometimes only 3. Thus 48-64 hands per hour is a reasonable range to expect.

What is the average blackjack hand?

What Is the Dealer’s Average Hand in Blackjack?

Dealer’s Her Likely
Up-Card Final Hand
2 17.6
3 17.4
4 17.3

Why is 16 the worst hand in blackjack?

In fact, the value 16 is said to be the worst hand one can have in blackjack. Since sixteen of the other fifty cards have a value of 10 and four have a value of 11, there is a strong chance of getting at least an 18 with either or both split cards. A hand totaling 18 or 19 is much stronger than having a 16.

How often do you win a hand of blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the least volatile casino games because you have a 46.36% chance of winning any hand (not counting ties).

How many hands of blackjack is a shoe?

My most recent study compares the shoe-by-shoe results of 100 consecutive shoes of play (six decks, 75% penetration, approximately 44 hands per shoe). The flat bettor wagers $30 on each hand.

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How many hands are dealt in a 6 deck blackjack shoe?

It doesn’t take 15 minutes to deal a 6-deck shoe — nowhere near that long. With a total of four players at the table, you will get, typically, 90-95 hands per hour. With five players, figure 5/6 of that amount, or about 75-79 hands.

What is a 6 deck shoe?

A six-deck shoe has 6 x 16 = 96 10-values and 6 x 52 = 312 total cards. The chance of an initial 10 is therefore 96 out of 312 or 30.769 percent. Considering only the 10 to be gone, the shoe then would have 6 x 4 = 24 aces in 311 remaining cards. So the chance of topping the 10 with an ace is 24/311 or 7.717 percent.

How often is 20 Win blackjack?

But players win with 20 a lot more often than they lose, with about 70.2 percent of player 20s winning, 12.2 percent losing and 17.6 percent pushing. Twenty is a profitable hand for players against every dealer face up card.