What were the children doing at the beginning of the story the lottery?

What are the boys doing in the square at the beginning of the story the lottery?

The boys start filling their pockets with stones, following Bobby Martin’s example. Some of the other boys make a large pile of stones in the corner of the square. They are getting ready for the ritual stoning of one of the citizens.

What do the children do in the lottery?

They are collecting rocks to throw at the person who will be selected. All ages are represented in the story for the purpose of showing that the lottery is an age-old tradition. Davy will be like Old Man Warner someday, if he manages to survive all the annual drawings.

What happens in the beginning of the story the lottery?

At the beginning of the story, the nature of the lottery that is to be held that day is not revealed to the reader. … When it is time for the lottery the two men in charge, Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves, make sure that each family from the town is present or represented.

What are the children doing in the beginning of the lottery?

What were the children doing in the beginning of the story? men talking of work and taxes; women talking of gossip. men go up to get the paper, then old boy, and then the woman.

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Who are the children in the lottery?

The Hutchinson children are named Bill, Jr., Nancy, and Dave.

What do the children represent?

The energy of a child is pure and charged with joy and willingness to learn and explore. Let’s amplify those feelings and give our children the tools they need to flourish in this world. Children show us the law of reciprocity.

What is the exposition of the story the lottery?

Exposition: This story takes place in a small village of only 300 people. It is a warm summer day in the pleasant, nourishing town. The villagers gather in the town square for the annual lottery drawing. … Climax: As a result of Bill Hutchinson drawing the paper, his entire family must participate in a second drawing.