Where can you play the Irish lottery?

Can I play the Irish lottery in the UK?

You can play the Irish lottery from the UK, the rules are very simple. All you have to do is to pick any 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 47. … The trick here is that you can choose two different numbers to increase your chances to win the prize, Though you can even choose the two same numbers.

Do you have to live in Ireland to play the Irish lottery?

Yes. Unusually for lotteries there is no requirement to be a resident of Ireland in order to participate in the Irish National Lottery. If you have access to the internet then you are also able to bet on the Irish Lotto results from anywhere within the United Kingdom with Lottoland.

Can I play the Irish lottery abroad?

The Irish Lotto features 2 draws per week as well as additional games like the Raffle which you can also opt into. One of the coolest things about this lottery is that despite its name, you can actually play the Irish Lotto from anywhere in the world.

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Do the Irish Lotto online?

You can choose numbers for your favourite Irish Lottery games online. Choosing your numbers online has a number of benefits; the biggest one is that you can quickly take part in your favourite games from home or on the go.

How much do you get for 4 numbers on the Irish lottery?

Prize Tiers and Odds of Winning

Prize Category Odds Average prize
Match 5 1 in 44,740 €1,854.67
Match 4 + Bonus Ball 1 in 17,896 €164.73
Match 4 1 in 918 €52.10
Match 3 + Bonus Ball 1 in 688 €26.17

Can you play the Irish lottery on Skybet?

Sky Bet offer betting on the least amount of lotteries of any UK bookmaker – only two (Irish & 49’s). Betfred, for example, offers betting on eleven different world lotteries.

How do you play Irish lottery on Betfred?

You can bet on any one draw, two draws or all three if you choose. The date and number of each draw is next to the relevant tick box. You can also bet up to 4 weeks in advance. Just pick from the 6 or 7 ball draw by toggling the bonus ball option.

Is the Irish Lotto fixed?

While the price of National Lottery tickets is fixed (eg €4 for two lines on the Saturday or Wednesday draws), in the bookmakers you can select how many numbers you want to bet on and choose your own stake.

How much do corals pay on Irish lottery?

Coral Irish Lotto Odds

Balls Odds (With Bonus Ball) Odds (Without Bonus Ball)
1 Ball 5/1 6/1
2 Balls 38/1 60/1
3 Balls 375/1 700/1
4 Balls 3800/1 8000/1
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