Where is Casino The rapper from?

Which record label is Frank casino in?

Who is the richest hip hop artist in South Africa 2020?

1. Die Antwoord Net Worth $11 Million. Die Antwoord is a hip hop duo that has been active since 2008. Ninja and Yolandi Visser are the duo’s male and female members, and they are the richest rappers in South Africa.

Who is the owner of Epic Records?

Is Rocko Future brother?

Rocko has always called Future his “little brother,” a title bestowed due to a familial bond rather than blood relation, and a bond that appeared to be severed when news broke last year of a $10 million lawsuit. Future was accused of breaching a contract from 2010 when he first signed to Rocko’s A-1 record label.

Where does Frank casino come from?

Is Shane Eagle from South Africa?

After releasing several non-album singles, Eagle released his debut album Yellow in 2017, which features the gold-certified lead single, “Let It Flow”.

Shane Eagle
Born Shane Patrick Hughes 7 June 1996 Rabie Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation songwriter television personality
Years active 2009–present
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