Who do you think really won the bet justify your answer?

Who really won the bet?

Five hours before the lawyer’s time is complete, he runs away and terminates his eligibility to win the bet. From these events in the story, I have concluded that it was the banker who won the bet and the argument of whether life imprisonment is better than death.

Who do you believe won the bet in the story the bet?

Expert Answers

On the face of it, the banker wins the bet, because the lawyer leaves his cell five minutes before midnight—the time of his release—thereby violating the terms of the bet. In doing so, the lawyer lets go of the two million that would have been given to him had he…

Who wins the bet quizlet?

The banker won the bet because he initially said that the lawyer could not stay in solitary confinement for 15 years. In the end, the lawyer did not completes term of 15 years and ended up leaving without the money.

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What is the outcome of the story the bet?

The final outcome of the story “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov is that the lawyer intentionally leaves moments before the time limit for his confinement expires, denouncing society’s “worldly” desires. The banker hides the lawyer’s letter, preserving his own public image.

Who in your opinion won the bet between the banker and the lawyer in Anton Chekhov’s the bet?

The lawyer who was shut away for fifteen years won the bet in the moral sense. In his letter to the banker, he states that though it was difficult at first to endure the solitary confinement, after a few years, he began to read in earnest. His reading opened his mind and gave him wisdom.

Why did the lawyer escape in The Bet?

Consequently, the lawyer will leave five hours early because he does not want the money. He determines that he is now wiser than the banker. The lawyer will deprive himself of what he thought he once wanted more than anything in the world.

What is the irony in The Bet?

In the short story “The Bet” by Anton Chekov, the author uses irony to make the story more capricious in the banker’s decision to kill the prisoner rather than pay him, in the prisoner’s decision to repudiate the two million dollars, and in the actual note the prisoner inscribes.

Who is worse off at the end of The Bet the banker or the lawyer?

It was all nonsensical and meaningless.”

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Technically, the banker wins the bet because the lawyer deliberately loses it by leaving his confinement before the full fifteen years is up. Morally, the lawyer has won the bet because he could easily have remained imprisoned for a few more hours.

What is the message of the story the bet?

The central message of “The Bet” is that giving in to greed and impulse can negatively impact one’s life.

What is the theme in the bet?

Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Bet” is fundamentally about the meaning of life, and this is the main theme of the story. Chekhov explores what that meaning might be, and in order to do so, he also explores other themes, such as crime and punishment, freedom and imprisonment, and loneliness and greed.

What does the banker privately think of the bet?

The banker feels ashamed of being the de facto jailer of a man for fifteen long years in solitary confinement for no real purpose.