Who owns Cactus Petes in Jackpot Nevada?

Can you smoke in Cactus Petes?

While we do not have a non-smoking section on the casino floor, we are continuously monitoring the air quality and continue to make upgrades to our system so that the air is comfortable for our smoking and non-smoking guests.

Do you have to wear masks in Jackpot Nevada?

JACKPOT, Nevada (KMVT/KSVT) — At 12:01 AM on Friday, a new mask mandate went into effect in some Nevada counties. … As a result the Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued Emergency Directives 045 and 047 requiring all employees and guests wear a mask indoors, effective Friday, July 30.

Are the buffets open in Jackpot Nevada?

Cactus Petes in Jackpot has made the announcement and confirmed that the buffet will remain closed permanently.

How many casinos does Jackpot Nevada have?

Jackpot Casino Stats

Casinos: 5
Casino Hotels: 4
Venues: 6
Restaurants: 9
Table games: 36

What casinos are in Jackpot Nevada?

Best Casinos near Jackpot, NV 89825

  • Cactus Petes. 0.5 mi. $$ Casinos, Hotels. …
  • Four Jacks. 0.5 mi. $ Hotels. …
  • Four Jacks Hotel and Casino. 0.5 mi. Casinos. …
  • Barton’s Club 93. 0.6 mi. Casinos. …
  • Barton’s Club 93. 0.4 mi. Casinos. …
  • West Star Resort. 0.8 mi. $$ Hotels. …
  • Weststar Resort Casino. 0.8 mi. Casinos. …
  • Barton’s Club 93. 0.6 mi. Casinos.
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