Why can’t I spin the wheel in the Diamond casino?

Why is the casino wheel not available?

According to a rather large reddit thread, the Lucky Wheel, card games, and other “gambling” content isn‘t accessible due to their country’s gambling laws. Residents from Portugal, Argentina, Czech Republic, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and many others are unable to access the casino games.

Is it illegal to gamble in GTA?

GTA Online’s Casino banned in multiple countries due to gambling laws. GTA 5’s latest update has been a huge hit with citizens of Los Santos, but some have been left devastated to find they’re banned from playing casino games due to their countries’ gambling laws.

How do you access the casinos in GTA 5?

Players can buy a basic membership to the Diamond Casino for $500 in-game. This gives access to the basic gambling games and the ability to store one care in the casino’s garage. To get full access, however, players need a VIP Membership.

When can you spin the wheel in GTA 5?

You can spin the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel once a day, and each Podium Car refreshes after seven days on a Thursday. Basically, you have seven shots to get the vehicle of that given week. If you own a Penthouse, you can spin it for free, but if you don’t it’s $500 a spin.

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How do you know when you can spin the wheel in GTA 5?

1 Answer. The Lucky Wheel is available 24 hours (real time) after your last spin. Unfortunately there isn’t a timer available to tell you when that is. Personally I look at the clock when I spin the wheel and try again the next day at the same time.

Can you use the casino in GTA 5?

In the GTA Online casino you can exchange your GTA$ cash for casino chips, to then gamble them on virtual horse racing, a variety of slot machines, and table games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Where is gta5 casino banned?

The list of countries that banned the game included Thailand, Venezuela, Pakistan, South Africa and Argentina. While some countries have relaxed their stance, some have remained adamant over the restriction of gambling in any form in video games.