You asked: Are Spindown dice fair?

Does using a Spindown dice matter?

In the test above there turned out to be little difference between one d20 and one spindown. It wasn’t a huge test, though, just 100 rolls and only on one dice. An unbalanced spindown, should you happen to have one, is more likely to favour a set of numbers (high or low) than an unbalanced but otherwise standard d20.

Is rolling a Spindown random?

They are equally random. However, a spindown is more manipulable, and if you’re worried about someone trying to cheat with it, you should avoid rolling it.

Are spin downs random?

It’s not really illegal, there’s just a chance of abuse and therefore people who are aware of its abuse do not allow it to be used as a “random” way of determining who goes first. If you want to get real technical, it’s only “illegal” to use if the head judge at the event does not want you to use that method.

What is a spin down dice?

“Spindown” d20s are a style of d20 where, if you look directly at the “20” face, all you can see are numbers 11 or higher. ( As in, all of the high numbers on a “spindown” are on one side of the dice, and the low numbers are on the other.)

Are d20s random?

“A casual analysis of the results suggests that neither die is rolling randomly… If we had a d20 that rolled perfectly, each face would come up 500 times. … The Chessex d20 had a standard deviation of 78.04, and the GameScience d20 had a standard deviation of 60.89.

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Are Spindown dice less random?

Yes, spindown dice do not have evenly distributed numbers, but if you are telling me someone can casually pick one up and control their roll to be better than mine then you are delirious. To achieve this you’d have to pick up the die, find the high/low side, and then carefully roll/drop it to get the desired result.