Your question: How do I delete my card details from National Lottery?

How do I cancel my Direct Debit for the lottery?

If you want to cancel your Direct Debit just go to ‘My account’ and choose the Direct Debit option in the ‘Manage my account’ area. The option to cancel will be on this page. Cancellation will only be effective once the money we have already requested from your bank has been used to buy tickets for you.

How do I cancel my Lotto subscription?

Open or download the Lott App on your device and login to your account. Once logged in, click on the account icon at the bottom of your screen and select My Subscriptions from the menu. Identify and open the inactive Subscription you wish to delete. Click the Delete Subscription button and confirm.

How do I cancel my Lotto UK account?

To close your account, please sign in and visit the Delete My Account page which can be accessed from Account Settings or the bottom of your homepage.

How do you delete numbers on the National Lottery app?

How to delete a saved line in the app

  1. If you are seeing the “Add line” button greyed out on the playslip screen:
  2. Scroll down to where you see “Tap to select saved numbers” and a list of lines. …
  3. Tap the pencil icon to edit a line to your desired numbers, or select the “X” to delete the line entirely:
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How do I remove my card from Lotto social?

You can not change or remove your card details once submitted, but you can contact us to remove a card by quoting the last four digits of the card you want to remove. Lotto Social does not have the ability to amend or change any bank information. Lotto Social does not store any of your bank details.

Can I just cancel my Direct Debit for postcode lottery?

If you would like to stop playing, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply cancel your Direct Debit with your bank, or call us on freephone number 0808 109 8765. People’s Postcode Lottery will not request payment for any future draws.

How do I remove my credit card from Lott?

Using The Lott app

Once logged in, click on the account icon at the bottom of your screen. Select Manage Credit Cards from the menu. Select the Debit or Credit Card that you wish to remove and choose Delete Card from the options. A pop up notification will appear where you need to click Proceed to delete the card.

Is Lotto social a con?

Lotto Social is legit. We are a UK registered company and has been operating since 2007.

Can I have 2 national lottery accounts?

Please note that you can’t set up a Direct Debit via the app. Finally, remember that you are only allowed to have one National Lottery account.

Can you withdraw money from National Lottery account?

3.5 You can withdraw funds from Your Account, unless the debit card registered to Your Account has expired or Your Account has been suspended. On withdrawal of funds, provided that the debit card registered to Your Account is valid, Camelot will return the relevant funds to that debit card.

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How do I get in touch with Camelot lottery?

Camelot Headquarters

  1. Telephone: 01923 425000.
  2. Fax: 01923 425200.
  3. E-mail: “”
  4. WWW: “” WWW aliases include: …
  5. Telephone: 0151 478 5000. …
  6. Telephone: 0541 561616. …
  7. Telephone: 0845 9100000 (charged at local call rates except for mobile phones)
  8. Fax: 0151 478 5551.