Your question: What are gold bars for in 777 Casino?

What do you use gold for in Big Fish Casino?

Ever wondered what GOLD is used for? You can use gold to buy cool gifts from the Gift Shop for yourself or others! Just click on your own or on someone else’s profile and press the “Give Gifts” button to check out all the items available in the Gift Shop.

How do you get free gold and chips on Big Fish Casino?

How do I get free chips?

  1. Return Bonus – You automatically get free chips each day that you open Big Fish Casino. …
  2. Daily Friend Bonus – Add friends to get more Daily Bonus chips. …
  3. Chip Bonus – Get free chips every 30 minutes. …
  4. Daily Spin – Spin once each day when you first open the game.
  5. Videos – Watch videos to get chips.

How do you send chips on Big Fish Casino?

How do I give chips to another player?

To give chips to another player:

  1. Tap the player’s profile picture.
  2. Tap View.
  3. Tap the Send Gift button.
  4. Tap Chips at the top of the Gift Store menu.
  5. Tap the Buy One button next to the chip package you wish to gift.
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What are gold bars for in 777 Casino?

Gold bars are used for giving either chips or fun gifts to yourself or other players.

How do you earn coins in Big Fish Casino?

General Tips

  1. Log in every day to Big Fish Casino to play the free Daily Spin game (A). …
  2. Select the Lobby to enter (D).
  3. Take advantage of the free chips every 31 minutes. …
  4. Link your email address, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to increase the amount of goodies you earn.

Can you win real money on big fish casino?

This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

How do you send gifts in billionaire casino?

To send gifts, please tap your friend’s avatar and click the ‘Gift’ button: Choose gift you want to send your friend. Please tap ‘Buy one’ button to buy and send a gift to your friend or ‘Buy Round’ to gift everyone at the slot or table. Remember that icons are a just visual representation of gift you gave.