Your question: What is the name of Jack Black’s band?

What is Jack Black’s favorite band?

“I contend that the last band to really have that kind of power, I’m gonna say, was Nirvana,” Black adds. “Who since Nirvana has been as big as Nirvana, in that way?” Black does like some contemporaries rockers, though.

What is Tenacious D real name?

But Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the portly pair comprising the comedy rock group Tenacious D, are starring together in a film that hit cinemas Wednesday.

Are Dave Grohl and Jack Black friends?

Jack Blackl and Kyle Gass are old mates of Dave Grohl – here they are bringing the LOLZ backstage at a Foo Fighters gig in October 2000.

Was Oasis the last great rock band?

Oasis were the last great, traditional rock’n’roll band. Gallagher, who releases his debut solo album on October 17, also says he was approached about making a solo record as far back as Oasis’ landmark Knebworth shows in 1996.

Is Jack Black his stage name?

Jack Black is a stage name. The actor has long refused to reveal his real name.

Is meatloaf Jack Black’s dad?

Could you sing the answer to a simple question, say, who you play? Meat Loaf: I play Jack’s father, and he’s a religious zealot — absolutely a complete control freak.

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