How do I create a Premier Bet account?

How do I create a bet account?

Opening a betting account

  1. Step 1: Identify trusted bookmakers. To start, you need to identify one or more reputable bookmakers. …
  2. Step 2: Navigate to a bookmaker’s site. …
  3. Step 3: Complete a registration form. …
  4. Step 4: Deposit funds. …
  5. Step 5: Place a bet and get your free bet.

How do I deposit money into my Premier Bet?

How to Deposit on Premier Bet Tanzania

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on DEPOSIT, enter your deposit amount and click on the Tigo Mobile Money option.
  3. You will be presented with any active bonuses you have qualified for and you are required to click to accept any active bonus you would like to participate in.

How do I use my free bet on Premier Bet?

If you have a Free Bet in your account, follow these steps to use it.

  1. Make your selections as usual and add to Bet Slip.
  2. Tap the Free Bet button at the top of the Bet Slip.
  3. Tap the Free Bet name to select it (It will turn green when selected)
  4. Tap the x to close the Free Bet window.
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How do I register my bet with Africa?

All you need is your mobile number and a few other personal details to initiate and complete Mybet sign up process.


  1. Log on to www. …
  2. Click on the Register button and fill the form with required personal details such as mobile phone numbers, email address and Password.

How do I register for betway in Ghana?


  1. Visit and tap Sign Up.
  2. Enter your mobile number, password and email address (optional)
  3. If you have a promotional code, tap the box for sign up codes to enter it.
  4. If you are over 18 and accept Betway’s Terms and Conditions, tap Accept.
  5. Tap Register to complete the process.

How do I make a deposit on BET?

Deposit using M-Pesa Short code *334#

  1. Dial *334#
  2. Select Lipa na M-Pesa.
  3. Select Pay Bill.
  4. Enter 733338 as the Business Number.
  5. Enter 254 as the Account Number.
  6. Enter an amount (NO COMMAS) e.g. 1000.
  7. Enter your M-Pesa PIN and send.
  8. Accept the payment and you will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

How do I create a Premier Bet account?

To register:

  1. Go to Premier Bet Ghana’s website.
  2. Click the ‘Register’ option.
  3. Fill the form (You name, Email Address, Phone Number)
  4. Create a strong password.
  5. Confirm you are over 18 years.
  6. Select the ‘Register’ option.

How do I activate my bet premier bonus?

Simply fill in the form with your details to register. Once you have an account, you must make your first deposit. As you do this, select ‘Activate Casino Bonus‘ before you finish. If you don’t do this when depositing for the first time, you won’t be able to access the bonus, so make sure to activate it!

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Can I withdraw winnings from a free bet?

No, your Sportsbook free bets cannot be withdrawn, but winnings as a result of placing Sportsbook free bets will be credited to your main wallet and are free to use at your disposal. Your original ‘free bet’ stake will not be returned to you.

How can I win Premier Lotto?

To increase your chances of winning, select four lucky numbers and get 10,000x your stake if all of them match. You don’t have to match every single number to be a winner with Loto Chance, though! Prizes are awarded when only one number matches, giving you as many opportunities to win as possible!