How do you win Lotto Hot Picks?

How much do you get for 1 number on lotto HotPicks?

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Number of matches Prize
Pick and match 1 main number £6
Pick and match 2 main numbers £60
Pick and match 3 main numbers £800
Pick and match 4 main numbers £13,000

How much do you win for 2 numbers on Euromillions HotPicks?


Game How to Win Prize Amount
Pick 1 Guess one number and match it to win. £10
Pick 2 Guess two numbers and match them both to win. £100
Pick 3 Guess three numbers and match them all to win. £1,500
Pick 4 Guess four numbers and match them all to win. £30,000

How much do you get if you win pick 3?

How much can I win playing PICK 3? On a $1 ticket, players can win a top prize of $500 for a Straight play, $160 for a Box play, $330 for a Straight/Box play, and $50 for a Front Pair or Back Pair play.

How many numbers do you need to win lotto?

To win Div 1 you need to match all 6 winning numbers in a single game panel. You can win a prize with as little as 1 or 2 winning numbers plus the 2 supplementary numbers.

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What are the odds of matching three numbers on Lotto HotPicks?

Pick 1 game – 61.02% Pick 2 game – 52.6% Pick 3 game – 49.22% Pick 4 game – 42.85%

What are the odds for EuroMillions HotPicks?

Winning Odds of EuroMillions HotPicks

  • Pick 1 = 1 in 10.
  • Pick 2 = 1 in 123.
  • Pick 3 = 1 in 1,960.
  • Pick 4 = 1 in 46,060.
  • Pick 5 = 1 in 2,118,760.

What are the odds of getting 5 numbers on the lottery?

Odds of getting other possibilities in choosing 6 from 49

Score Exact Probability Approximate 1/Probability
3 8,815/499,422 56.66
4 645/665,896 1,032.4
5 43/2,330,636 54,200.8
6 1/13,983,816 13,983,816

Do you get anything for 2 numbers in the EuroMillions?

The lowest is awarded for matching just two main numbers, with the jackpot won by matching all five main numbers plus the two Lucky Stars.

How many numbers do you need to win a prize on EuroMillions?

What are the odds of winning? To win the jackpot you must correctly guess the five main numbers, which are between 1-50, and two “lucky stars” between 1-12. The EuroMillions website says the odds of picking all seven numbers correctly are is one in 139,838,160.