Quick Answer: Can Carnival onboard credit be used in the casino?

Can you use on board credit at the casino?

Can onboard credit be used in casinos? Yes, as of July 1, 2015, onboard credit can be used in our casinos. Is there a transaction fee in the casinos? Yes, a 5% transaction fee will be applied on your SeaPass® card.

What can you use on board credit for Carnival?

Guests who choose to keep their coming bookings will receive the money as onboard credits, which function like money and can be used for drinks, excursions, and other purchases on board. The credit will be automatically applied to the passengers’ accounts, the cruise line said.

What happens to unused onboard credit carnival?

The onboard credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and has no cash value. Any unused portion of the onboard credit will be forfeited. Lowest Price Guarantee program may be discontinued or changed at any time.

What does on board credit mean on a Carnival Cruise?

Sail & Sign® is Carnival’s cashless on board credit program, which allows guests to charge onboard purchases and gratuities directly to a personal account for convenience. The Sail & Sign Card must be utilized for all money transactions on board as cash will not be an accepted form of payment.

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What can onboard credits be used for?

What Onboard Credit Can Be Used For

  • Spa services, such as massages or haircuts.
  • Alcoholic drinks (including beverage packages)
  • Specialty (up-charge) dining.
  • Shore excursions.
  • Gratuities (aka service charges)
  • Onboard retail purchases (gift shop merch)
  • Gambling and other onboard games.
  • Internet access.

What can on board credit be used for?

An on board credit is a shipboard cash credit. On board credits are often given by the cruise line or travel agency as a promotion or incentive to book. On board credits can be used towards most items related to your cruise vacation, just like cash. This includes excursions, drinks and gratuities for crew.

Can onboard credits be used for gratuities on Carnival?

Yes, as long as they are not designated for other things as stated like specialty dining, excursion, bar, casino, etc. In most cases you can use it for whatever you want.

Can Carnival onboard credit be used in the casino?

Can I use my onboard account (Sail & Sign card) to get funds in the casino? Yes, there is no charge at the slot machines for using your onboard account card to access funds. For any transactions done at a table game or the Casino Cashier’s Desk, there is a small service fee of 3% each transaction.

Can you use onboard credit for drinks?

If you enjoy a drink or two during your cruise, but don’t think you’ll need a beverage package, feel free to use your onboard cruise credit toward any à la carte drinks.

Is onboard credit refundable?

Once the Onboard Cruise Credit is applied to a new booking, it has no cash value and is non-refundable.

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Are Carnival Cruise credits transferable?

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Future Cruise Credits are issued to a named individual and are not transferable.

How long do I have to use my Carnival cruise credit?

Good News for Carnival Guests

Guests needed to use their Future Cruises Credit to book a future cruise by the end of December 31, 2020. It has now changed to May 31, 2021 which is in-line with more recent suspensions over the past few months.