What are the winning numbers for Arizona Lottery triple twist?

What were the triple twist numbers?

Latest Numbers

Date Result Prize
Saturday, Oct 30, 2021 1 13 20 30 37 38 Est. Jackpot $769,000
Friday, Oct 29, 2021 7 15 21 28 38 41 Est. Jackpot $753,000
Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 5 10 16 37 38 39 Est. Jackpot $739,000
Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021 6 18 24 29 36 39 Est. Jackpot $723,000

How do you win on twist?

Every Tuesday and Friday night, seven regular numbers and one bonus number are drawn at random. If your TWIST numbers match the LOTTO MAX winning numbers, you win the top prize.

What’s the payout on triple twist?

Prizes and How to Win

Triple Twist Prizes Odds
Jackpot* 1 in 5,245,786
$500 1 in 24,286
$10 1 in 555.1
$2 1 in 36.7

How many numbers do you need to win on triple twist?

Match all six numbers in a single row to win the jackpot. You can win up to four times on a single game by matching your numbers to the winning numbers in each corresponding row or combination of rows. You can play your numbers for as many as 12 consecutive drawing dates on the same ticket.

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How many numbers do you need to win the pick?

There are four basic ways to win when you play The Pick. All you have to do is match three, four, five, or six numbers in any order to win. Matching all six (6) numbers awards the jackpot. The jackpot starts at $1 million and continues to grow every Wednesday and Saturday evening draw until it finds a winner.

How do you play triple play jackpot lottery?

How do you play JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY? Select or Quick Pick the first six numbers from 1 through 46, and the second and third set of numbers will automatically be Quick Pick. Each set of numbers prints on its own line. Win by matching three or more numbers from the same set to the winning numbers drawn.

Is triple twist lottery only in Arizona?

Triple Twist is a drawing game exclusively available in Arizona. The Arizona Lottery holds the draws for Triple Twist from every Monday through Sunday approximately at 6:59 p.m. MST.

How many numbers do you need for the twist?

The seven (7) numbers + Bonus number drawn for Lotto Max are the winning numbers for the Twist draw. Players can purchase up to 10 Twist on the same ticket.

What does 4 numbers win on Lotto Max?

Prizes and odds of winning: Lotto Max main draw

Match Prize Odds** per $5 play (3 selections)
5/7 3.5% of Pools Fund* 1 in 1,841
4/7+Bonus 2.75% of Pools Fund* 1 in 1,105
4/7 $20 1 in 82.9
3/7+Bonus $20 1 in 82.9
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What is tag on Lotto Max?

Since TAG is an add-on game, under the Play Online menu click the main draw game you wish to purchase – LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX, DAILY GRAND, Atlantic 49, Bucko, KENO Atlantic or Salsa Bingo. For $1 you can add TAG for additional chances to win. You can play TAG up to 10 times on each ticket.