What is the name of the program BCLC has to remind players to keep gambling safe and fun?

What is BCLC Voluntary Exclusion Program?

The Voluntary. Self-Exclusion program assists those who desire to take a “time-out” from gambling by providing opportunities to self-exclude from British Columbian casinos and bingo halls, as well as the online PlayNow site, for periods ranging from six months to three years.

What is a self-exclusion program?

Self-exclusion is a free program where you ban yourself from gaming venues or online gambling. You can ban yourself from venues like clubs, pubs or TABs, or from placing a bet on gambling websites. …

How do you encourage responsible gambling?

Facilitate informed decision-making about gambling. Provide access to a range of responsible gambling tools. Engage proactively with customers to identify problems. Offer counselling, support, self-exclusion and chaplaincy services.

How do you get out of a casino self-exclusion?

If you are eligible, you can request removal from the Casino Self-Exclusion list by visiting the PGCB website. iGaming, VGT and Fantasy self-exclusions expire at the conclusion of the selected ban period. You may extend the length of your self-exclusion in these programs prior to the expiration of your self-exclusion.

Can I cancel self-exclusion?

Can I cancel the self-exclusion if I change my mind? No, once activated you cannot revoke, rescind or withdraw the exclusion prior to the expiry date.

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How does self-exclusion work?

Self-exclusion (self-banning) is when you ask a gambling venue to exclude you from the venue or a gambling activity offered at the venue. By law, venues are required to assist any person requesting a self-exclusion. … negative impacts that gambling have on your work life and/or family life.

What is the process of self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion (or self-banning) is a voluntary process where a person with a gambling concern excludes themselves from areas of specific gambling venues, or online providers. It can provide a concrete tool to help keep you safe from excessive gambling.

What is BCLC staging?

The BCLC system stratifies HCC patients based on tumor size, extent, liver function, and performance status. The BCLC staging system is thought to be better than other staging systems for determining prognosis, given the inclusion of liver function and performance status.

How does BCLC make money?

Revenue to Host Local Governments

The Province shares gambling revenue with local governments that host casinos and community gambling centres in B.C. Host local governments receive ten per cent of the net casino gambling revenue from community casinos and community gambling centres in their jurisdiction.