Tark’s Livestream of ElephantMUD – elephant.org:23

Hey everyone, Tark here with a let’s play of ElephantMUD. Now, I do recognize that I sound very down and negative on this game while I’m playing. I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s not my cup of tea. They’ve been in development for over twenty years, which is an incredible accomplishment. I can see the potential in the game with sufficient time investment, and having a game where you have to put in time is not a bad thing. Realistically, my reviews and let’s plays are pretty much entirely based on the new player experience, and tend to run to somewhere around five to ten hours of play time, which for some games is nowhere near enough time to get fully in and involved.

That all being said, heeeeeeeeere’s Elephant!

Here’s the let’s play on YouTube, if you want to see endlessly scrolling text.