Episode 13: Kill all the things!

Hey everyone, today’s episode talks about combat systems in MUDs.

1) What is combat?
a. Combat is killing things.
1. The general goal is to make the hitpoints of the thing you’re attacking reach zero before your hitpoints do.
2. It tends to be the primary mechanic in MUDs that the entire game is built around.

2) Different types of combat
a. Standard, timer/tick based autocombat
1. Once a tick, combatants attack their targets automatically with their equipped weapons.
a. This is completely automated. No input is required from the player save for potentially choosing who/what to target.
b. Spells/skills/abilities are used between rounds of autocombat, tend to then lock you out from any player input actions for a short time (1-3 seconds/1 per round)
c. In my opinion, a bit boring. Melee attacks are essentially a slightly randomized DoT, while abilities are frequently used on a slow basis.
b. Timer based combat
1. Player uses an attack, then all attack actions go on cooldown until the timer is up and they’re able to attack again.
a. Differs from autocombat since every attack is explicitly made by the player.
b. Multiple timers, depending on the game, may be in place. Left/right arm/leg, multiple magic timers, etc.
1. Iron Realms games are known for this style of combat. Not atypical to see a warrior attack twice with their weapon, or to see a more mental focused class to attack multiple times with their minds, etc.
c. Tend to have debuffs/afflictions that are handed out with the attacks which hinder the opponent/lead to kill conditions.
1. In Iron Realms games, does not apply to mobs.
c. Other
1. I don’t know about any. Email/message/yell at me if you do!

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