Episode 14: You’re dead!!!

Hey everyone, it’s a day late and I’m a dollar short, but here’s episode fourteen of the podcast! I spend a lot of time talking about death, dying, and why you should probably avoid it in your game of choice. As always, if you’ve got information that I don’t regarding death systems and the like feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]

1) What is death?
a. Dying is when you’re killed.
1. Can be in a variety of ways, depending on the game.
2. Generally, hp = 0, dead.
3. Some games have instant kills.
a. These can be based on vitals such as hitpoints, mana, movement, or others.
b. There are also timed instant kills, which fire off after a period of buildup.
2) Different types of death
a. There are two main types of death in MUDs
1. Permadeath
a. If you die, your character is essentially gone.
b. This strives for realism, and having consequences associated with the player’s actions.
c. Tends to be the hallmark of heavy/enforced RP games, that usually are also dystopian settings of some variety
d. Tark’s thoughts on permadeath.
2. NonPermadeath
a. If you die, your character remains and you need to come back to life.
b. Not as realistic, but in fantasy or sufficiently advanced sci-fi games, it can be handwaved as resurrection, a clone, etc.
c. Usually the hallmark of hack and slash games
d. Usually comes with a penalty (lose xp, be debuffed for a time, etc.)
e. Tark’s thoughts on nonpermadeath
3) How you come back to life in nonpermadeath games
a. Variety of ways to have players come back to life.
1. Timer
a. Player is dead for X seconds/minutes, after that time has elapsed, player is brought back to life (usually in a standard location)
b. Is essentially a timeout, which can turn the tides in pve and pvp fights.
c. Usually possible to circumvent by having another player resurrect you.
2. Player assisted resurrection
a. Another player casts a resurrection spell on you
b. Handy if there’s a decent population, or you have friends/allies willing to help you.
c. Usually an alternative, shorter way of coming back to life.
3. NPC resurrection
a. A mob resurrects you (usually a priest/healer type)
b. In most games that use this, you have to find your way from where you died to a healer.
c. Encourages players to know the layout of the game.
d. A variation of this is being teleported out of an area on death, then having to find a shrine/altar to resurrect at.
e. If you don’t know where you died, can be frustrating. Some games allow other players to travel to you to assist you getting back to life. Can also have the ability to allow dead players to teleport randomly.
4. Quest resurrection
a. Player is resurrected after completing a quest.
b. Tend to be simple, run around and kill quests that grant no xp.

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