Episode 19: We’re Back Baby!

That’s right, after WAAAAAAAAY too long of a hiatus, I’m back and spitting out episodes. Feels good to record, and as I’m going to actually get back to playing MUDs again, that’s going to feel good too.

Pretty lazy editing for this episode, so I apologize for any word fumbles and the like, but I’m just trying to get these up and out. Speaking of up and out, I’m bad at social media, as I’m sure anyone who’s looked at our social media content can tell. If you’re interested in being a twitter/facebook/take your pick guru that I can lean on to take care of that aspect of things for me, please by all means shoot me an email. I can promise lots of work for zero compensation, other than the warm fuzzies that you’ll get knowing that you are the driving force behind the podcast even being on Twitbook.

Come yell at me on Discord! My id is Leotharas#4172

March /r/MUD MUD of the Month: Merentha
Dark Risings

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