Episode 23: Darkwind!

Hey everyone, it’s Tark’s first review in a while! I’ve been playing Darkwind for a few weeks now when I’ve found the time to do so, and it’s the first LPMUD that I can say that I’ve been having a blast with. The staff is great, the players are super awesome and helpful to my noob self, and overall it’s a great game. It does, of course, have a few shortcomings that are covered in the review.

Also, my first official reading of fan correspondence at the start of the episode. Melissa is a wonderful person, and you can be sure that I’ll be taking her game for a spin once she opens it up.

One more thing! I’m looking for a graphic designer to spruce up the logo. Get in touch with me if that’s something you’d be interested in. I’ll pay you in exposure! And money!

Come yell at me on Discord! My id is Leotharas#4172

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