Episode Five, let’s talk about quests baby!

From the realm of a food poisoned Tark comes episode five of the podcast. I ramble on a while about quests. Apologies for the shorter episode length, and the overall quality. But it’s there!

  1. What is a quest?
    1. Quests are the search for something.
      1. Something could be as simple as finding ten rats and killing them, then giving them to the quest giver for a reward.
      2. Can be something as complicated as adventuring through the demon and undead infested keep of Lord Tacos, defeating fiendish traps and his countless hordes to save the soul of your good for nothing father, who you still love ’cause he’s your father.
      3. Whether of minor or major scope, quests are something beyond the grind of “I’m just going to sit and 65,340,285 boars until I reach maximum level.
    2. Quests can be automated, or run by game administrators or other players
      1. Automated quests tend to be always on/available, and while the rewards will vary from game to game, they’re generally not very impactful. Exceptions, however, do exist. These tend to be the collect ten rats sort.
      2. Administrator/player run quests obviously happen when said player/administrator is around. These tend to be the world altering, make your mark on the universe type of quests. These tend to be the the ones where you’ll go father soul rescuing.
  2. Why quest?
    1. In most games, it’ll force you to get to know areas and where to find mobs, items, places.
    2. rewards vary by game. The majority will provide experience, some provide gold/coins, points that can be used for gear, gear, or other rewards that tend to have a tangible effect.
    3. The challenge. Some of the more complicated quests require interesting logic to find the next step. Others put you under a strict time limit that forces you to demonstrate how good you are at the game. Others put you in conflict with other players, again forcing you to demonstrate skill.
  3. Stuff about the downsides of quests.

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