How do I view my bets on Betfair exchange?

How do I see my current bets on Betfair?

Current bets:

  1. Swipe the player cards to the left, to view current matched and unmatched bets;
  2. In the menu of the app under ‘Account’ –> ‘Active Bets’.

How do I read my Betfair exchange?

Each box on the Betfair screen shows the current odds (top) and liquidity (money) available (bottom). The blue boxes represent the prices available to back (betting on something to happen), with the pink boxes showing the prices available to lay (betting on something not to happen).

What is bet history?

BET was launched in 1980 by media entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson. Having gained experience as a lobbyist for the cable television industry in the late 1970s, Johnson saw an opportunity to reach African American audiences through a cable TV channel. … In 2000 Johnson and his partners sold BET to Viacom Inc.

How long does it take for Betfair to settle a bet?

We aim to settle every market within a matter of minutes – usually within half an hour, at a maximum. If your bet has still not been settled for a long period the result of an event is known, please get in touch with Customer Service.

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Can you multi bet on Betfair?

Betfair offers multiples betting, also known as accumulator betting. You can combine a number of selections from different markets into one bet. … To place multiple bets on Betfair you must navigate to the multiples betting section by clicking on the ‘Multiples’ tab on the left-hand side of the page.

What do the numbers on Betfair exchange mean?

Numbers underneath the odds show you how much of your bet should be instantly matched. You are able to bet however much you like, whether is it more or less than these figures then: If you bet less than the amount shown, all of your bet should be matched instantly (this means your bet is on!).

How do I read my Betfair number?

What do all these numbers mean? Each box on the Betfair screen shows the odds (top) and the amount available (bottom) at that moment in time. Prices aren’t locked in place, nor is the amount of money available, because bets are being offered and matched all the time.

How do I connect to Betfair API?

How to access the Betfair API

  1. Get an App Key in 4 Steps. …
  2. To setup your API key you’ll need to work through the steps below: …
  3. Obtain an SSOID token. …
  4. Register your application. …
  5. Next click on ‘createDeveloperAppKeys’ in the left hand navigation. …
  6. Obtain your app key. …
  7. You’ll notice that two application keys have been created;

How can I watch bet in UK?

Channel 5’s on-demand streaming platform My5 is now the official home of BET UK, and we’ve launched a dedicated BET channel on Pluto TV.

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Is gambling illegal?

Although all forms of gambling were considered contrary to public policy, our laws now provide for a wide scope of legal gambling, including online. … In more traditional forms of gambling in NSW, you cannot bet on any event or contingency with a bookmaker unless you are present at a licensed racecourse.

What channel does bet come on?

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is an American cable television channel targeting African-American audiences.


Dish Network Channel 124 (HD/SD)
DStv (Africa) Channel 129
DirecTV Channel 329 (East; SD/HD) Channel 329-1 (West; HD)