Question: How much does 4 numbers pay on Hoosier Lotto?

What do you get for 3 numbers on Hoosier Lotto?


Match Draw Prize PLUS Prize
5 out of 6 $500 $600
4 out of 6 $20 $25
3 out of 6 $2 $4
2 out of 6 Free ticket Free ticket with +PLUS

How does the Hoosier Lottery payout?

Prizes may be paid out as an annuity with payments or as a lump sum cash payment equivalent to the present value of the annuity payments as estimated by the Hoosier Lottery during the claims process.

How much does daily 4 payout?

You win the jackpot when your ticket matches the winning draw numbers in exact order. The different playstyles include Exact Order, Any Order, 50/50, Combo, Pairs.


Exact Order Play $5,000* 1 in 10,002
4-way any order $1,200* 1 in 2,500
6-way any order $800* 1 in 1,666.7

What’s the difference between Hoosier Lotto and Hoosier Lotto Plus?

The PLUS, second chance drawing game has the same odds as the Lotto draw and also has a multiplier number. The prize for matching all six numbers (6/6) in the second draw is $1,000,000. If two people hold winning tickets, each will receive $1,000,000.

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How do you win Daily 3?

To win, match all three numbers drawn in any order. Straight/3-Way Box: Pick three numbers, two that are the same. To win $330*, match all three numbers drawn in the exact order. To win $80*, match all three numbers drawn in any order.

How long does it take to get lottery winnings in Indiana?

In Indiana, you have 180 days to claim your prize, so that leaves plenty of time to get your affairs in order if you win a huge jackpot. The way you claim your prize depends on how large it is. If you’ve won under $600, you can try redeeming your ticket from the Hoosier Lottery retailer that you bought it from.

How do you collect lottery winnings?

All you have to do to claim a Powerball prize is to show identification that matches the signature on the back. If your jackpot-winning ticket gets lost or stolen, anyone could claim your cash if you haven’t signed your ticket.

Does 2 numbers in Powerball win anything?

If you match two numbers, you’ll win $4, but ONLY if one of those numbers is the red Powerball. … If you match two white Powerball numbers, then unfortunately you won’t walk away with any money, according to Powerball’s rules. If you match a white ball and the red Powerball, then you’ll walk away with $4.

How much is the Hoosier Lotto?

Ticket Cost: $2 per play. $1 to add +PLUS.

How many numbers do you need to win on the Powerball?

Pick five numbers from 1–69 and one Powerball number from 1–26. There are nine ways to win, starting with $4 for matching just the Powerball. Match the first five numbers plus the Powerball to win the jackpot.

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