Quick Answer: Is The Lottery about conformity or individuality?

Is The Lottery about conformity?

Jackson’s intent in The Lottery is to demonstrate that while conformity can be helpful in some social situations, in other situations conformity can be damaging to those that choose not to conform. Jackson demonstrates that that people living in a conformist society will go anywhere to maintain that conformity.

What message is delivered on the subject of conformity in The Lottery?

The moral lessons of “The Lottery,” therefore, are that evil comes of conformity, and that the worst things we do are often things so familiar to us that we do not even trouble to think of them in moral terms or question their value.

What role does conformity play in the continuation of The Lottery?

Throughout Shirley Jacksons Story of “The Lottery” readers can see how conformity can bring out the evilness in human nature, by characters continuing a tradition regardless of immorality. … Due to the characters conforming to this immoral tradition for so long, their evilness is brought to light.

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What type of society is in The Lottery?

The villagers of “The Lottery” live in an intensely patriarchal society. The anonymity of the village lends the story a sense of universality.

How does The Lottery relate to society?

“The Lottery” relates to real life because it shows us how people can easily be repressed by the communities they inhabit. Most of us derive great strength and comfort from the communities in which we live. But too many people are repressed by the communities in which they live.

What was the message in The Lottery?

The main themes in “The Lottery” are the vulnerability of the individual, the importance of questioning tradition, and the relationship between civilization and violence. The vulnerability of the individual: Given the structure of the annual lottery, each individual townsperson is defenseless against the larger group.

What is the central message of The Lottery?

In ‘The Lottery,’ the central idea is that people should not blindly follow traditions without questioning them.

What is Jackson’s message for society?

Regardless of the answer, Jackson’s message is that doing anything simply because its “what always has been done” is not an acceptable approach to life. We should question and analyze our traditions, and understand why we continue to observe them.

What is the theme of the story the lottery ticket?

The main theme of the story “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov is that money can corrupt the soul. The prospect of a huge lottery win makes Ivan and Masha look at each other with hatred and suspicion, each one believing that the other will be negatively changed by their sudden windfall.

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What is the theme of the Lottery by Shirley Jackson essay?

Ultimately the theme in this story is to expect the unexpected. Another possible theme is people will follow traditions as a norm no matter how dark or harmful it is. The characters that show the theme include Mrs. Hutchinson.