What are Kraken dice made of?

Is Kraken dice bad?

They’re a legit company and the dice are generally good quality. I particularly like the optional super-small, large d20 additions. The “regular” d20 is a bit larger than standard and many of their sets come with 2d20 and 4d6.

What are Kraken dice used for?

Whether you want polyhedral dice that are compatible with Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, or any other tabletop RPG, Kraken Dice are perfect for any gaming system. Whether it’s a 7 piece, 8 piece, 10 piece, 11 piece, or 12 piece polyhedral dice set Kraken has all the dice you need.

What are RPG dice made of?

Role-playing game dice are made from many different materials, with plastic dice being the most common; however, RPG dice are also made of metals, epoxy resin, wood, stone, glass, and even bone. Different role-playing games use various combinations and types of dice to play the games.

Who owns Kraken dice?

Diana Leyva and Brian Patrick Wade are one couple who knows the value of beautiful dice that capture the imagination and spirit, having built their business, Kraken Dice on the desire to provide gamers with dice that are not only stunning but also meaningful to those who roll them.

How do I cancel my Kraken dice order?

Want us to cancel your order so you can place it again? Email support@krakendice.com with your order number and they will assist you further.

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What are resin dice?

When we talk about acrylic and resin dice, we are talking about molded dice. The base material of the dice is poured into the mold. For a resin die, the material inside the mold undergoes a chemical reaction in the mold that turns it from liquid to solid.