What does dice stand for in English?

What does dice stand for in education?

The Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement (DICE) Certificate Program through the Student Life Multicultural Center is for students interested in exploring diversity, intercultural engagement and socially just leadership.

What is this word dice?

The noun dice is the plural form of the singular die. … You can also use the word as a verb to mean “chop into tiny pieces or cubes.” You might, for example, read a recipe instruction that says: “Dice three tomatoes.”

What does dice mean in EMS?

DICE (proper medication adminstration-5 patients rights) D-drug -correct one. I- Integrity – packaging intact. C- color/concentration/clarity. E-expiration.

What does dice stand for in accounting?

DICE framework acronym stands for Duration, Integrity, Commitment and Effort.

What does the acronym DICE stand for?


Acronym Definition
DICE Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (game developers’ conference)
DICE Data-Intensive Computing Environment
DICE DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering
DICE Dynamic Integrated Model of Climate and the Economy

What is DICE full form?

DICE Full Form is Diploma In Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

What type of word is dice?

dice used as a noun:

An alternative singular of die when the plural is dice.

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Is dices Scrabble word?

Yes, dices is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is dice an example of cube?

Snakes and ladder, which is one of the most played childhood games, is played with the help of dice, which, in turn, is a cube. … Cube is a 3-dimensional structure with six squares/faces, and three of them meet at each vertex, and all the angles at the corner are right-angled.

What does 53 bash stand for?

Nitroglycerin. (CONTRAINDICATIONS) “53 BASH” – Last dose was < 5 minutes ago. – Patient has taken 3 doses before EMS arrival.