Why is Mr Graves ironic in the lottery?

Why is Mr Graves name ironic?

It is a season of celebration, holidays and fun. Ironically, Mr Summers’ name is contrasted to a task that signifies exactly the opposite. It is his duty to run the annual lottery which, in the end, results in a life being sacrificed. In this sense he is associated with a dark deed.

What is ironic about Mr Graves name in the lottery?

His name is significant because a grave is precisely where the “winner” of the lottery will end up. Mr. Summers’s name is somewhat ironic as there’s nothing remotely summery about the grotesque ritual over which he presides.

What is the significance of Mr Graves in the lottery?

Mr. Graves is the postmaster of the village, a position that gives him enormous power since he controls the town’s communications with the outside world. Perhaps it’s the importance of his work that makes him, literally, the support of the village’s tradition.

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What does Mr and Mrs Graves symbolize in the lottery?

Graves, which is signaling tombstones, death and a cemetery. He is also the owner of the post office. As the Postmaster, he delivers the news, as well as with the lottery, he delivers the news of who will get stoned to death. When you read the story, you don’t suspect anything about the name Mr.

What does the name Graves mean?

Graves is a surname of English origin. … “Occupational name from Middle English greyve, grayve, greve ‘steward bailif, manorial officer who managed the lord’s demense farm, headman of a town or village’, a borrowing from Old Scandinavian greifi ‘earl, count”.

What does Mr Warner name symbolize in the lottery?

Therefore, the Old Man Warner’s name and the stones represented as a caution, a warning of the dead that was very dangerous. The lottery was also a universal symbol in the story. The lottery has been taking places in many villages as an annual ritual without thinking about the irrational of it.

What if anything might the names Graves Adams summers?

7. What might the names Graves, Adams, Summers, and Delacroix signify in the context of the story? The last name Graves obviously signifies death or burial. Summers could be symbolic of the season and its happy connotation.

Who is the winner of the lottery who is stoned to death?

Tessie is stoned to death because she’s the “winner” of the lottery. The townspeople seem to believe that unless they sacrifice one of their own, crops will fail. It’s an old tradition, and very few think to question it at all.

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Does Mr Graves participate in the lottery?

Even though he actively participates in making the lottery happen, Mr. Graves still greets Mr. Summers solemnly when his turn to draw arrives.

What is the significance of Mr Summers name?

Mr. Summers is thus the central person in the lottery and the village as a whole, its “sun” so to speak, in full control on this “full-summer” day. But his name is also ironic, in that this “summer” brings with it not only light and warmth, but also, for one character, darkness and death.

What is the significance of the characters names in the lottery?

He is in charge of running the lottery and the name he draws from box will die. The names of the next characters, Mr. and Mrs. Graves, represent death, a place of entombment and darkness.

What do Mr Summers and Mr Graves do the night before the lottery?

The night before the lottery, Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves made up the slips of paper and put them in the box, and it was then taken to the safe of Mr. … Summers declared the lottery open.