Your question: What is the lottery satirizing quizlet?

What was the lottery satirizing?

Written three years after World War II, Jackson’s “The Lottery” can be read as satirizing the high levels of conformity that existed in American society.

What is the main argument of the lottery?

In the short story The Lottery, Shirley Jackson argues that all people, regardless of how civilized they may seem, are capable of great evil by contrasting seemingly pleasant and relatable details of the town with the shocking barbarity of their tradition.

What is the central idea of the lottery quizlet?

What is the theme of the story? Shirley Jackson wants readers to know that they should not just blindly follow tradition. People should question the reason that traditions exist and they should not be afraid to challenge them. The lottery is a sacrifice to ensure a good harvest.

What social issues does the lottery represent?

Jackson’s work examines the issues such as human cruelty, social sanctioning of violence, as well as marginalization leading to victimization. These themes encompass specific traditions, practices, and laws that lie at the heart of the work’s meaning.

What is The Lottery satirizing and making fun of?

This story satirizes a number of social issues, including the reluctance of people to reject outdated traditions, ideas, rules, laws, and practices. What kinds of traditions, practices, laws, etc. might “The Lottery” represent? During World War II, Hitler’s Nazi regime took control of the people.

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Is The Lottery by Shirley Jackson satire?

The use of Satire/Irony within literature establishes situations where the unlikelihood of the occurrence of an event will happen. Jackson’s manipulation of his story, The Lottery, provides an unexpected twist to what one may seem to be a normal subject.

What argument is Jackson making in The Lottery?

In this light, Jackson seems to be arguing that there should be some type of individual entitlements that can supersede the general will in the event it is wrong. The “tradition” of the people in the village is an exercise in brutality.

What is the theme of the lottery Quizizz?

What is the theme of the story? Stone people to death to have a successful harvest. Blindly following tradition can be dangerous. Not everything is as it seems.